Weaving: Shepherds’ Delight

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Framed weaving. Jute warp. Weft in an assortment of yarns – primarily pure wool.

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I found myself with empty hands at 9pm one Sunday night, as I was catching up on the all shows my husband doesn’t like to watch: Money for Nothing, The Repair Shop, MAKE! Craft Britain…

So I frantically rummaged for something to do, and this was the result. Of course, I couldn’t stop until it was finished, either. So I went to bed at around 2am!

Reclaimed frame ‘loom’ containing a weaving. The warp is natural jute. The weft is an assortment of yarns – primarily pure wool, but also including some acrylic and cotton.

If you fancy the idea of making one of these yourself (using yarns and scraps from your own stash, if you prefer) please contact me to arrange a 1:1 session. A 2-hour session should be enough for you to reach a point where you are able to continue on your own.



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