For 25 years, I had a proper job – designing blended learning solutions for corporate clients. It was a field I was passionate – and inordinately geeky – about. The sudden death of my stepfather, coupled with my ongoing struggles with depression brought me to a point where I decided “you know what? I don’t want to do this any more.”

With the support of my husband, who glories in the nickname Mr Namasi (long story – remind me to tell you some time), I decided to devote myself full time to working with my hands. All the hobbies I have enjoyed all my life, have become my occupation. Beading, sewing, knitting, crocheting, woodwork… the list seems to keep growing.

I have a workshop and a studio at home in a little Oxfordshire village.

In my studio, I wield the smaller things: beading needles, crochet hooks, sewing machines, pens, pencils, glue guns…. that sort of stuff. My most recent acquisitions are a pyropen and a soldering iron. I’m trying to learn to drive those without setting fire to the thatched roof!

In my outdoor workshop, I drive the bigger kit: more saws than is decent, drills,  sanders, and the like. I restore items, give them a makeover, or turn them into something else altogether.

I have large stashes of beads, fabrics, yarns, pallets, reclaimed wood, and unloved furniture. And I am always on the scrounge for items I can use for upcycling.

I also accept commissions, challenging and stretching my skill set on a regular basis.

I’m not a fan of throwing things away. Mainly because ‘away’ is a fictitious place.

Mr Namasi and I have two adult sons, a dog called Jess (who is my devoted companion), and a grandkitten called Gimli.

We’re a multicultural family, with relatives on several continents.